Fantasy Football Trophies For Your League

Nothing says fantasy football trophy like a good ole fashioned championship trophy. Perched on top of your mantle next to your sophomore season’s “Spirit” award, these items of commemoration will shine brightly through the season to remind you of the trials and tribulations we’ve all endured. We here at SackoSource took the liberty to accumulate a list of the best fantasy football trophies available. We provide brief descriptions and hilarious commentary to make your life easier.

These trophies are all available online, some at discounted prices, so be sure to review our collection of the best fantasy football trophies.

In case you don’t want the standard type of trophy and are looking for more ideas, we’ve also catalogued championship rings and championship belts. And before your draft next season, don’t forget to peruse our reviews of the best fantasy draft boards.

Good luck & good riddance!

Best Fantasy Football Trophies



The essence of fantasy football is all about winning, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s about NOT losing. So, to commemorate the art of losing, we decided to create our very own branded license plate frame. This is one of many ideas for last place fantasy football trophies. These are cheap, fun and convenient. Since we customize these frames, you can opt for different colors as well (although we happen to think hot pink is the best way to represent).


Fantasy Championship Belt

Nothing illustrates the bravado of a champion like this high quality championship belt. Use it to showcase an epic season of trades, waiver pickups and last minute roster changes. On Sundays this belt will be a necessary accessory like your wallet or your keys, so don’t hesitate to get one for your league today.



 Lombardi Replica Trophy

Fantasy Football Trophies - Lombardi Replica

Depending on your budget, this trophy is simply the best. It’ll cost you a prettier penny ($75 – discount link) than some of our other choices, but what’s not to like about an actual Lombardi replica? Standing tall at 14 inches, this declaration of victory will fit in nicely next to your high school diploma or Nobel Peace Prize. It comes with the Fantasy Football League (FFL) logo engraved on the front with the words “Fantasy Football League Champion” to ensure you get proper respect when your house guests wonder at its glory.


Custom Leatherhead Fantasy Football Trophy

Leatherhead Fantasy Football Trophy

The aptly named can customize a trophy for you and your league. You have the option to choose various colors and finishes, and of course can add a customized engraved plate. Their designs are different from most of the items you’ll find on Amazon, and despite being custom ‘MADE IN THE USA’ with environmentally friendly materials and processes, the prices are relatively affordable. Support your local shop rather than bombarding Amazon and the myriad of shoddily manufactured products.

In addition to fantasy football trophies and draft kits, they also sell games like Bocce and Horseshoes to promote an all around entertaining atmosphere for your Sunday viewing parties.


Monster Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Football Trophy

The emotion in this piece resembles the Renaissance works of Italy’s Donatello. You’ll get a great overall value for this trophy, which is why it’s our best value pick at just $17.99 (discount link). You’ll get a colored FFL logo front and center, and also a blank canvas to insert whatever personalized plaque you desire. The selling company (Decade Awards) simply asks you to send 3 lines of what you’d like engraved when you place your order. This trophy is nearly 7 inches tall and will suffice on its own, or if desired can be perched atop a separate base.


The Golden Chalice Trophy

Golden Chalice Trophy

On the mantels of Spanish conquistadors, Nordic Vikings and last but not least, the champion of the League of Extraordinary Genitals. This ageless symbol of triumph even serves as a decorative item around the home, so you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth (discount link) when you indulge in this beautiful trophy.

Silver Football Trophy With Multiple Plaques

Silver Fantasy Football Trophy With Multiple Plaques

Ballers only – this trophy stands over 20 inches tall and comes with everything you could ask for. A solid black wood finished base, equipped with 8 blank plaques for personalized engraving. There’s also a wider header plaque for your league name. And once your league runs more than 8 years, you can even use the side of the wooden base for additional plaques. The quality in this trophy is unmatched compared to the rest of our list, so if you’re willing to shell out $119.00 (discount link) plus shipping, then look no further for a top of the line fantasy football trophy.


Armchair Quarterback Fantasy Football Trophy

Fantasy Football Armchair Quarterback Trophy

The Armchair Quarterback trophy is special in that it specifically recognizes what we all excel in – lounging in our recliners every Sunday. This trophy has some weight to it, but since it’s just 6.5 inches it can also be used to weld on top of a base to create a much larger trophy. There’s a nice gold plate on the front that boldy declares “CHAMP”, and at $29.99 (discount link), it’s a solid purchase for any league.


Sacko Trophy

Fantasy Football Sacko Trophy

Sadly, there is always a last place in any competition. If your league is bold enough to declare a last place “Sacko” then this classic trophy is one of your best bets. Marked to just $19.99 (discount link), it comes with the FFL logo and will arrive individually boxed for you and your last place opponent. This is one of many iconic fantasy football trophies because, let’s face it, the toilet bowl can be a sacred object.

Looking for more last place trophies for your Sacko? Worry not, we’ve collected all the best ideas.


The Tower Fantasy Football Trophy

Tower Fantasy Football Trophy

The Tower fantasy football trophy is nothing particularly fancy or extravagant. It is simply a proud symbol of a hard fought season that ends in victory. Let this 7.5 inch recognition of your might stand stand proudly on your office desk or your fireplace mantel. The engraving ‘League Champion’ says everything and has the ability to be re-used year after year. Some reviewers claim shoddiness in the trophy, while others are happy for the cost (discount link).

The Bobble Head Fantasy Football Trophy

Bobble Head Fantasy Football Trophy

We’re probably not the only ones who conjure up images of NFL Blitz on Nintendo 64 with this awesome trophy. <<Huge head (Z+Z Right) plus stiff arm (Turbo+A) to recreate>>. The main issue with this trophy (discount link) is that it doesn’t come with an engraving plate, so you’ll have to figure that out separately. But this cute lil thing (about 4 inches in height) can sit on a mantle, desk or dashboard.   ().


‘Cream of the Crop’ Fantasy Football Trophy

When you think of golden colored corn cob, don’t you think of fantasy football? Harvest this fun trophy to hand out as next year’s 1st place symbol. This championship trophy is super affordable (discount link),  although it’s just 6 inches tall and made of plastic, so don’t expect the Lombardi trophy to show up at your doorstep.


The Classic Championship Trophy

Classic Championship Trophy

You cannot argue with classic, and you cannot argue with quality. This gorgeous trophy is available (discount link) online and will never cease to make the right impression. As if winning alone wasn’t enough motivation, this gracefully molded chrome piece can also function as the perfect accent to your home’s decor.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Trophies

Photo Frame Fantasy Football Trophies

There are many moments throughout a season where words do not suffice. And in those moments, it’s best to reminisce on beautiful frozen moments in time. One of those beautiful moments is of course Eli Manning grinning like a truant 7th grader, another is Andrew Luck getting the high score at the local arcade. Whatever your moment, crystallize it with a wonderful framed photo as your fantasy football trophy (discount link). The versatility in these picture frames make these one of our favorite fantasy football trophies.

Photo Frame Best Fantasy Football Trophy

This trophy exists in our list of last place trophies as well. If the ‘Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble Last Place Trophy’ sounds like it’s a fit for your league, check it out!

Photo Frame Fantasy Football Trophy


The Classy Glassy Trophy

If you want something discreetly classy, nab this crystal fantasy football trophy (40% off link here). It can perch quietly next to your fancy flower pots and family photos, or balance like a yoga master on top of your new TV. It’s a solid 10 inches tall, and has the versatility to sit at home or at the office.


Custom Wooden Trophies

Nothing is cooler and more unique than a custom trophy. It’ll be 100% hand-made in the USA and crafted with the sweat that emanates from my own Peyton Manning-sized forehead. I can make wooden footballs, wooden hammer trophies, wooden anything. You pick the design, the wood, the stain, the everything. I’m conducting this business old-school – fill out the contact form below (obviously I will never use your email for marketing or any other shady purposes) and I’ll get in touch with you to discuss your custom trophy. I typically work my wood on Sundays with my iPad streaming the RedZone channel, so you can bet this sucker will be built with pride, love and derogatory terms slung at Eli Manning as he throws his 3rd pick of the day.

Disclaimer: this is an experimental product, albeit an awesome one, that I am building myself. Order times and shipping prices will vary based on your custom design. But rest assured you’ll only be charged for materials and a very modest hourly wage for my labor. I’m a guy in a garage – not a profit-seeking trophy corp.


*Note that after you click ‘Send Email’ you can scroll back down to this to view if the message was sent successfully. 


In addition to finding the perfect trophy and the countless hours of research & rankings, make sure to check out the best draft board kits you’ll find online. All of them come with printed player cards, and each one has its own unique character for whatever type of league you’re in.

Fantasy Draft Board and Kit from UPI Marketing

Research our reviews of the best draft boards before this years draft.



SackoSource Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any products or companies described in our lists. We’re simply trying to aggregate a collection of fantasy football trophies, belts, rings and more so that our readers have readily available information at their fingertips. Proper analysis is critical to decision making, which is why we’ve compiled this guide of fantasy football trophies. As and when the universe of available trophies expands, we’ll update our lists.



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