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“Mettenberger selfie is immature” tweets actor & decent lineman JJ Watt

JJ Watt is cyber-bullying quarterback Zach Mettenberger all over Twitter and radio airwaves. When asked about his in-person post-game confrontation with the rookie, JJ explained:  “I told him ‘good game'”. During the game, while protected by pads and a helmet, JJ posed in a celebration selfie, mocking the rookie quarterbacks actions earlier this practice week. “When you’re as old as I am” says JJ, “you learn to stay focused.” JJ Watt’s next game is Sunday, November 2nd against the Eagles, just 4 days after JJ stars in another episode of The League, the raunchy comedy on FX about fantasy football.

Favre sends Peyton shirtless phone pics to congratulate TD record

“Send some back, P” was the only text in a series of text messages sent from aspiring retiree Brett Favre to Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning.

‘Just get it in’ says Big Ben

After Monday night’s win over the Texans, in a game that saw the Steelers score 24 points in a 3 minute span, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was bombarded by reporters. We’re not sure if Ben was responding to questions about the Steelers mentality while facing JJ Watt and the tough Texans interior line, or whether Ben was winking and giving the guns to a former frat brother as he paraded off with 3 Steeler cheerleaders.

Johnny Manziel takes a dump on Roethlisberger’s chest after Browns win; but Big Ben enjoys it

In what was supposed to be a defacing and demeaning act of immaturity and adolescence (Johnny Football’s forte), Manziel took a fat dump on the dirty chest of Big Ben Roesthlisberger. But much to everyone’s surprise, except us here at Sacko headquarters, Ben loved it and actually asked for more. And a video camera. And a box of blank CDs, a set of 64 Crayola crayons and hacky sack.

Cardinals practice squad happy about performance against Broncos

In the 41-20 route of the Arizona Cardinals, Bronco’s receiver Demaryius Thomas took a dump on the secondary on his way to 226 yards and two touchdowns.  Julius Thomas chop-blocked his way to two touchdowns, and Peyton Manning is now just 5 TD’s, (or 4 more quarters against the Cardinals) from surpassing self-proclaimed hero Brett Favre for career passing touchdowns.

Kaepernick excuses himself from photo shoot, throws late go-ahead TD to Stevie Johnson

Dynamic. Indefensible. Elite. Immature. All has been used to describe San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, although 3 out of 4 terms were used by only Colin himself on his popular Instagram feed. But now he has the niners back in the conference mix with a tough win against the Chiefs. “I’m probably overrated, but you know what…? That’s your opinion and I could care less about it. I know I’m mediocre at best,” Kaepernick explained.