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Case Keenum throws political support behind Michael Dukakis

Case Keenum

After passing all concussion protocol, Rams quarterback Case Keenum proudly announced his political support for Democratic front-runner Michael Dukakis.

Peyton picked last by Mustangs, Susie named starting QB instead

“We’re trying to win,and frankly Susie gives us a better chance” said Tommy Perkins, team captain of the Mustangs. “Peyton has a great resume on paper, but when we watched him throwing the ball with Susie during warmups, we knew he couldn’t hang for the full 6 minute quarter against the Slimy Artichokes.” But as Tommy explained to Peyton, it’s a long season. If current quarterback Susie ‘Spanky’ Wilson gets injured, or drinks too much milk for lunch and gets a tummy-ache,  Peyton should expect a call.

Broken dreams put Kaepernick on the IR

Colin Kaepernick

49er quarterback and ‘kid who skateboards in the hall’ Colin Kaepernick has been placed on the IR list due to a case of broken dreams, sources say. As a result, rural-city magician Blaine Gabbert will take the reins of this woeful franchise.