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Chargers and Rams likely roommates in 2017

Rivers Rams Roommates

Depending on how deep Goodell and the Spanos family can lodge their fists up the asses of San Diegans, the Chargers will almost surely share showers with the Rams. Nobody is more excited than Philip, who recently purchased his first ever gaming system, a Super Nintendo. He only wants to play Mariokart and he gets to be Bowser every time, but he’s ready to play anyone. “I’ll challenge anybody, no matter what NFL team they play for. In fact, I prefer bunking with the Rams because I get to hone my skills against more competitors.”

After win, Peyton says: ‘it was like a dream…like, literally I think I’m sleep-walking’

Peyton Manning is Old

“Ole noodle arm is hanging in there” says Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak.

Such is the mentality of the Broncos faithful. Each game is a breathless struggle in between wobbly 15 yard pass attempts and pitiful movements within the pocket. With each sack, there is a collective clenching of teeth, followed by the stressful possibility that we could finally be witnessing Peyton’s last play as a player. But there is an obvious secret weapon at play here, and like most secret weapons, it smells like cheese.

Blair Walsh’s mom in utter disbelief after kick misses wide left

The final moments of the 2015 NFC Wildcard playoff round between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings are so epic, we figured it’s best to simply transcribe the final moments:

5 seconds to go…

Vikings trailing the Seahawks by 1…

This will WIN the game for Minnesota…

Here’s the snap…

Jeff Locke holds…

The kick…

And it’s WIDE!

Oh no, its NO GOOD!

Blair Walsh blew a 27 yard field goal!!!

I don’t believe it!

The Vikings lose! The Vikings lose! The Vikings lose! The Vikings lose!