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69% of Christians say Tebow is first ballot Hall of Fame

The NFL’s most over-achieving quarterback has decided that his string of luck and God-given ability will pull an MJ and switch sports. In a Sacko Survey of 100 adult Christians, the results were as expected when we asked about the legacy of Tim Tebow’s NFL career.


Tebow HOF

Blah Blah Blah Blah The Browns Suck Still

The Browns Suck

Nothing new to add here, so may as well post the same analysis as last year: the Browns suck! Really bad. A wise man once said ‘Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity…and when lackadaisical preparation meets a shitstorm of splattering opportunities, you get the 10am coverage of any Browns game.”  

Elway nicknames Bronco’s quarterbacks “Heads” and “Tails”

Elway Quarterback Controversy

GM John Elway and Coach Gary Kubiak can’t escape the questioning surrounding their quarterback situation. Mark ‘There’s Nobody Else Available’ Sanchez appears to be the top choice, with Trevor Siemian riding Sanchez’ ass everyday in practice. Two asses back is Paxton Lynch, the drafted scapegoat that will be used to sequester the complaints from the Denver fan base on why this year sucks sucks so bad (“rebuilding”).