Basic Fantasy Football Trophies

Not every league crowns their champion with star studded jewelry or showers them with praise. Sometimes your league deserves a classic emblem, a type of basic fantasy football trophy that only a seasoned veteran would appreciate. Nothing extravagant, just something to commemorate all the hours of work (at work).

This list is certainly not exhaustive, nor does it capture some of the best fantasy football trophies out there. This list is intentionally boring, because sometimes boring is cool. You’ll also find your fair share of cheaper and more affordable trophies in this list. If you’re looking for more flair, we suggest checking out the rings or belts we found.

Classic Trophies for Fantasy Football

Gold and Silver Metal Cup Trophy

Gold and Silver Metal Cup Trophy

There are 3 size varieties of this metal cup trophy, and all will cost you between 20 and 30 bucks. You can even get custom text on the plaque if you order through Decade Awards. The tallest version you can get is 13″ which can display to all guests of your home office just how awesome  you really are.

RINCO Plastic Gold Trophy

RINCO Classic Trophy

Small and classic. This is one of the more basic fantasy football plastic trophies stands just 5″ tall but is perfect for subtle displays of perpetual victory. This little cup can fit on your desk at work, your nightstand at home, or even in your cup holder. It’ll cost you less than 10 bucks, and at the time of writing is an Amazon Prime item as well.


Gold Trophy Cup with Custom Text by Montebello

Montebello Gold Trophy Cup with Custom Text

This is not the cheapest option of classic trophies, but this one is certainly one of the highest quality. This gold cup with custom text will cost you just under 50 bucks, 14 of which is for shipping alone! So consider it a 50 dollar trophy regardless. It stands over 10″ tall, and as described comes with 4 lines of custom text.


Black and Silver Cup – Basic Fantasy Football Trophies

Black and Silver Trophy Cup

Of all the trophies on this list, this one might be one of the most basic fantasy football trophies of them all. It’s just a black and silver cup, no gold and no text. It’s roughly 8.5″ tall, and will cost you somewhere between the cheapest options and the most expensive options (duh). The material used is apparently ‘heavy duty’ plastic, although I wouldn’t count on this thing surviving an incident.


For other types of trophies (first place AND last place trophies), championship belts, championship rings or other ideas please just visit our other lists. We believe we’ve compiled the greatest collection of fantasy football trophies, all of which you can purchase online.