The Best Fantasy Football Trophies

Nothing brings respect like a cluttered book shelf full of your fantasy football trophies. They memorialize a championship season’s worth of research, mind-bending game time decisions, and behind-the-scenes debates, compromises and insider trade secrets. That’s why we’re proud to offer the web’s first ever rankings for the best fantasy football trophies.

Every league has its own hodgepodge of personalities and nuances that create a totally unique experience that outsiders just won’t understand. That’s why it is equally as important that each league establish its own fantasy football trophy – something that can reflect your league’s true colors.


2015 Top Rated Fantasy Football Trophies


Fantasy Football Lombardi Trophy

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Fantasy Football Lombardi Trophy

Stand tall and victorious with this Vince Lombardi replica trophy. It represents winning, determination and sacrifice. You spilled your blood, and kept quiet on your knowledge, and that’s why you deserve something that looks like the real deal. Just picture it now, the Commissioner bowing in appreciation as he hands you this ultimate symbol of achievement.




Fantasy Football Championship Belt

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Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy Prize


If you want a trophy to commemorate your season but don’t want it to simply collect dust on a shelf, then wrap your waist with this Fantasy Football Championship Belt. You’ll be able to wear this at your draft, the pub, your best friend’s wedding or even at work when you’re feeling a little too average.





Monster Fantasy Football Trophy

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Fantasy Football Trophy


Your friends could care less about your Municipal County Intramural Defensive MVP award in ultimate frisbee. What they will care and comment on is this prized possession. It comes with a slick FFL logo, but the company also offers personalized engraving if you contact them.




Fantasy Football Ring

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Fantasy Football Ring Trophy

Let’s face it, the only difference between you and Tom Brady is a couple pieces of shiny jewelry. Take one step closer to being the all star quarterback, the face that people recognize, and the object of everyone’s fantasies (no pun intended) with a fantasy football ring.




Fantasy Football Legend Shirt

Fantasy Football Legend Shirt

The most popular fantasy football shirt out there, it’s plain and simple for good reason – you’re a legend. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes – up to size XXXXXL is offered. The best part of this product is that you don’t need to necessarily win your league to own/retain it. You can still be a legend without the distinction of first place (although we suggest winning every year).




Fantasy Football Book

Fantasy Football For Dummies Book

This is not your typical trophy, but frankly it’s one of the best overall. Because owning the league trophy doesn’t necessarily have to mean you won first place. No, to the contrary. Perhaps you elect a last place “Sacko” every year (rather, the league elects it organically through trial and error). This book is the perfect trophy, as the lucky 10th out of 10 should be required to carry it to all fantasy football events.




Fantasy Football Loser License Plate Frame

The 21st century Badge of Shame, a remix of historical literature’s most pungent symbolism. Make your Sacko (or if you’re crazy, your 2nd place finisher) cruise the boulevards with this placard of defeat. Of course you can likely customize your own plate in order to omit the blatant corporate shoutout to Fantasy Jocks, but if you’re lazy enough like me then this option is easy and perfect for any occasion.




 Weekly Fantasy Football Awards

A great way to spice up your league and to bolster interest throughout the season is to establish a set of weekly or monthly fantasy football awards. In fact, it’s a great idea to segment your entire season into multiple mini-seasons. This gives props to more managers at various points throughout the year, and rightfully credits different strengths of different coaching styles.

If you’re wondering what types of awards and recognition you can establish in your league, you’re not alone. Most leagues have just a playoff champion. But, as many players will tell you, that doesn’t always clarify the best overall team. Below are a set of ideas that you can bring into your league.

  • The First Four Champion
    • Typically this goes to the highest points (or best record if it’s definitive) over the first 4 weeks of the season. What you’re recognizing here is the manager who likely had the best draft. This will usually be before any major waiver wire pickups are made, injuries are sustained, or teams start their bye weeks, so it’s a valid recognition of someone who’s preseason research has paid off.
  • The Pick-Up Artist
    • Also known as the Waiver Wire Wizard, this highlights an aspect of fantasy football that deserves as much (if not, more) respect as the initial draft. Perhaps someone held out for weeks to secure a high priority pick, or did more research than the rest and took a chance on someone who panned out to be a massive success. If you’re feeling cocky, feel free to rename this one the Jonas Gray Award.
  • The Golden Toe of the Week
    • A fun award that can really go to anybody any week, the team with the highest performing kicker will get this special recognition. Since it’s quite difficult to predict, we suggest reviewing our exclusive analysis on the NFL’s Sexiest Kickers.
  •  The Best Team Name
    • Ironically dull and boring, this award credits the most creative team name. This is most applicable to new leagues or leagues who change their team names year after year.
  • Most Points on the Pine
    • We’ve all been there, benching a marginal player like Eric Decker or Shane Vereen, and can only shake our heads as they blow up unexpectedly .
  • The Richard Dick Sherman Award
    • Awarded to the player who dished out the most piercing trash talk throughout the week or season. If you’re looking to put a funny spin on this one, call it the Marshawn Lynch or the Jay Cutler award.



SackoSource Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any products or companies described in our lists. We’re simply trying to aggregate a collection of fantasy football trophies, belts, rings and more so that our readers have readily available information at their fingertips. Proper analysis is critical to decision making, which is why we’ve compiled this guide of fantasy football trophies. As and when the universe of available trophies expands, we’ll update our lists.



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