Best ways to determine fantasy draft order

Lottery Balls Fantasy Draft Order

When it comes to determining your fantasy draft order, there really are no rules. What’s important is establishing a fair and balanced method for producing a relatively random result. Thus, if you’re in a league with Tom Sellick, the Chest Hair method may be too lopsided. Alas, here is our exhaustive list:

  • Full On Brawl: no rules, last man standing
  • The Wunderlich test: all owners take the test, high score gets first pick
  • Beer Pong: line up one cup across the table and take rounds of shooting
  • Chuck E Cheese Throwdown: 100 tokens per owner, picks based on most number of tickets
  • Mariokart or Super Smash Bros: perfect while not drafting too
  • Preseason Picks: open drafting for any preseason weekend
  • Handstand: who can hold a handstand the longest
  • Chest Hair: longest (or fullest) chest hair wins
  • BINGO: first to get Bingo (or you can choose to use the lottery balls like the NBA and choose order that way too). Discount link here.

  • FIFA: golden goal tournaments
  • Random Number Generator: yep, there’s an app for that
  • 48 Hour Weight Loss: whoever can eat kale and carrot juice for the whole weekend
  • 48 Hour Weight Gain: Funyuns
  • The Breathalyzer Test: all owners get a designated amount of time before blowing, highest BAC wins
  • Poker: if you got the time, spend it playing poker
  • March Madness: create brackets with all the other team owners
  • Most Points Against: whoever had the most points scored against them last year gets first pick
  • Turtle Races: if your city is cool enough to host turtle races, this is your method
  • Wrestle-mania: dig out your N64 let the CPU play for all as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Undertaker, Goldberg and more
  • Dog Decider: each owner cooks a piece of bacon and creates a circle around a neutrally friendly dog; the dog is then unleashed and coaxed to each owner’s piece of bacon; the dog will determine the order
  • Spelling Bee Betting: choose one kid each from the final 8/10/12 of the National Spelling Bee
  • The Bachelor or Survivor Game: in episode 1, each owner guesses the final winner (downside to this one is you have to watch Survivor or the Bachelor)
  • Lottery Balls: build a lottery ball machine, or guess actual lotto numbers

Other ways to spice this up is to let the winner of your fantasy draft order method choose which pick they want. For example, not everyone wants the #1 pick this year (since your 2nd selection comes at the 20th pick!), and may prefer to double down on a pair of solid RBs with the 12th and 13th pick.