California funds new stadium, probably with water emergency funds

Nobody really knows the details of this project, but apparently what’s happened is the City Council of Carson City approved a $1.7 billion proposal to build a stadium for 2 terrible football teams – the Chargers and the Raiders. Nothing meshes better than the hard-edged Raider faithful and the suntanned yuppies of San Diego. Carson City has no idea what it’s getting into.

Additionally, there has been no method of sourcing these funds, adding this to the list of lofty projects that California feels it has the right to initiate. Our best guess is that they’ll drain a water reservoir to erect a 6 story parking structure, and then hire the lowest bidder to construct an earthquake-resistant eye sore that will end up sinking California’s future grandchildren in state debt.

We’ll believe this is happening once we witness Philip Rivers throwing a 4th interception or Derek Carr getting sacked by the Bucs defensive line.

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