Deflategate report: Brady’s balls are juuuuuust fine (wink)

Attorney Ted Wells has concluded an investigation into Deflategate, the scandal that accuses the New England Patriots organization of deflating footballs. In the report were a few startling findings:

  • Text messages between a part-time New England Patriots employee and an equipment assistant with talk of cash, free shoes and autographs.
  • The part-time employee — a locker room attendant responsible for 12 footballs before the AFC title game — spending 100 seconds in a bathroom after game officials had approved the balls for play.
  • Measurements taken at halftime after a team that is losing tips off the league about footballs that appear to be too soft.
  • The Patriots’ star quarterback and the equipment assistant suddenly exchanging phone calls in the days just after news of underinflated footballs blew up.

The 139 page report has been released and is being consumed by the media at an alarming rate. Don’t expect Tom to have a response though, he’s busy being super duper silly.

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