Disapointed Chiefs trying to acquire a decent wide receiver, talking to JJ Watt


It’s only happened 3 times in league history, and the Chiefs looked poised to become number 4 – going an entire NFL season without a receiving touchdown from, of all positions, a wide receiver. Andy Reid, who met us at a Chick-fil-A prior to Sunday’s loss to the Broncos, was caught off guard with our inquisition: “to be honest with you”…<Andy took several bites of his sandwich before finishing his thought>…”I forgot about the position entirely. We got, who? Dwayne Bowe? Has he been suspended yet? Ya, he’s a receiver, maybe he’ll get one soon. Or who’s that actor guy who plays for Houston? KK Twatt or something? He seems good. Maybe we’ll get him.” Andy then ate the rest of his sandwich and did not speak to us for the duration of our meeting.



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