DoD pays $5.4 million in taxpayer money for recognition at NFL games

If you’ve witnessed the honoring and appreciation of American veterans at football games, we’ve got bad news…your team got paid a lot of money to do it. Actually, YOU paid your team a lot of money to do it. Seems like a crime, right? Over $5.4 million dollars were paid to NFL teams to allow us to “honor” them – so the question is, why are we made to think the essence of this act is public appreciation and recognition? We are made to think this is an act of genuine patriotism, and yet, behind the scenes there is a lot of money going back and forth. It’s disgusting. The NFL and the owners should immediately redistribute any payments received towards actually aiding and supporting our veterans. I don’t want my billionaire owner to pocket an extra penny from my tax money or money that can go towards a better cause for our veterans.

Here is the list of franchises who received money from the Department of Defense:

DoD Spend


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