Fantasy Football Championship Belts

You’re the Mike Tyson of your league and need a way to show it. Rock a fantasy football championship belt around your waist and you won’t need to say a thing.

There’s a major distinction between championship belts and any other type of award. When you sport one of these puppies out on the town, you will turn heads, you will garner respect, and you will attract the hearts and minds of strangers. They’re not too cumbersome to take to Vegas or to church, and they embody a form of domination that dates back to the gladiator days. So review our favorite fantasy football championship belts, pick your style and start flaunting.


The Best Fantasy Football Championship Belts


Fantasy Jocks Fantasy Football Championship Belt

Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy Prize 4

The best looking belt out there. We’re particularly huge fans of the cascading metal plates that wrap around. At $149.99 (discount link), it’s not the cheapest belt out there, but the size and quality of this product will surely satisfy all members of your league. It’s got an authenticity you can’t deny.



Undisputed Belts Fantasy Football Championship Belt


Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy Prize


This belt is massively popular, which is likely due to it’s high quality and affordable price. Discounted heavily (40%) to $119.99 (discount link), you won’t find a cheaper and more durable belt. A nice perk to this belt is that you can also purchase new plates and have them engraved to your liking. It’s frankly the best fantasy football championship belt out there.

There’s another championship belt made by Undisputed Belts, and it’s relatively similar except for the center emblem. Instead of a receiver spiking the ball (or potentially Tim Tebow throwing a pass), it’s the good ole fashioned runner, although it’s official title is ‘Stiff Arm’. The price comes with free shipping (link here).

You can also get another version of this belt, called the ‘High Step,’ also available online.


Divas Championship Belt

Divas Championship Belt


We know what you’re thinking – a WWE Divas Championship Belt is NOT a fantasy football championship belt. Or is it? Think of last year’s winner in your league – do they not have a considerable amount of diva in their personality? Did they not attempt to crank up the charm when it came down to trade offers? Did they not whine and complain about the most recent Arian Foster injury or Philip Rivers interception? Fortunately the logo on this belt is tiny enough that you can proudly represent your fantasy league, sport that spunky pink color and appropriately decorate your league’s first place finisher (or diva) without questioning the fact it’s actually from WWE.

Title Championship Belt


Fantasy Football Championship Belt Trophy Prize 3


This belt isn’t specific to fantasy football, but it made our list because the eagle soaring over a globe of world flags is just too good. Sure, you probably won your fantasy league and can easily tout this belt around town during the season, but this belt can serve a multitude of purposes. When the offseason takes hold, simply morph this belt into any other badge of authority. It’ll cost you $149.99, but order online and you’ll get free shipping (discount link).


Title Victory Belt

Fantasy Football Championship Belt

We like this belt because it’s a little bit unique compared to the others. Bright red helps draw in your attention, and the image in the center of the belt conjures up images of Roman warriors or gladiators. Likewise, it can be used for a variety of designations, not simply fantasy football. It is listed at the reasonable price of $99.99 (discount link), and has received great reviews from the few people who have purchased it already.


The Fully Customizable Championship Belt

Fantasy Football Belt

Let’s say your fantasy league is at work, and you’d like to put the company logo in the middle of the belt with a phrase like “Champion (and most likely to use company time for fantasy research).” You can’t do that with any of the above mentioned brands, so you need something from a site like Take a look at some of their custom championship belts and then brainstorm a fresh idea for your league. A lost of these belts will cost you upwards of a few hundred dollars, but they are high quality. So if it’s something you’ll use for the next decade it’s an easily justified purchase.  Another solid option is They have a gallery of well-made custom championship belts to peruse or purchase. These can cost over $1000 when it’s all said and done, totally worth it. Wildcat will even help you conceptualize and create custom art work for your belt trophy.


SackoSource Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any products or companies described in our lists. We’re simply trying to aggregate a collection of fantasy football trophies, belts, rings and more so that our readers have readily available information at their fingertips. Proper analysis is critical to decision making, which is why we’ve compiled this guide of fantasy football trophies. As and when the universe of available trophies expands, we’ll update our lists.



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