Fantasy Football’s Flacid News of the Week: Michael Crabtree meets Raiders

Nothing quells team energy like the prospect of attaining wide receiver Michael Crabtree. Even after rising talent Denarious Moore left the Raiders, a team already starving for decent playmakers and pure bred talents, nobody in northen California is getting excited about Crabtree.

He’s a possession receiver with little athletic advantage over even the chubbiest of linebackers. Furthermore,his helium filled mental game precludes him from gaining a consistent edge against any defensive backs or safeties. He gives blue balls to offensive coordinators. 

The Miami Dolphins had shown interest in Crabtree, offering $3 million and a roster spot on the University of Miami’s second string co-ed flag football squad. But he’s looking for $9 million, so his best chance lies with convincing Vince McMahon to re-instate the XFL.



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