How does an elite NFL QB relax? We ask Tom Brady.

It might come as a surprise to many of you to learn that Tom Brady is actually a very insecure guy. He’s had to fight for every opportunity to become the elite QB man he is today (think Michigan, first few seasons with the Pats, and Giselle after the first time they engaged in intercourse (he didn’t rub that easy one out before, rookie mistake)).

How do you possibly relieve the stress that a man like this lives everyday? Easy. Two words. tombrady_waterslide   bradywee

Confirmed from multiple Patriot sources and those closest to Tom, “He literally slides down his waterslide after every practice or a home game, no less than 25 times. Every.Single.Time… He also doesn’t let anyone outside during this relaxation period”.

Giselle would also confirm, “Ya, that’s Tom being Tom. Let’s call it his ‘quiet-time'”.

Be it as it may, we’re not going to judge Mr. Brady. After all, how rad is that water slide?

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