Jets in top preseason form after punchable QB gets coldcocked in the locker room

Geno Smith won’t be able to bark out any terrible offensive plays for the Jets anymore. Assuming the surgery goes well, it will be more than 6-10 weeks before Smith returns.

We were all wondering if the Jets would return to their normal dysfunctional ways, and it didn’t take long. After drafting someone who was previously arrested for punching an off-duty police officer, the Jets are bamboozled as to how an incident like this could’ve possibly happened.

The answer is that linebacker IK Enemkpali asked Smith to reimburse him $600, and when he didn’t get it, he sucker punched Geno. Since Smith could not fly to Enemkpali’s camp after the death of a close friend, IK asked for the money back, and then decided to invoke Mafia rule, to which the Jets replied in Trump form: ‘you’re fired.’

Luckily, Ryan Fitzpatrick is filling in. The former Bill played for Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey in Buffalo, so there is a tiny bit of hope that the Jets will have mediocre play at the quarterback position this year.

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