Kelly: Tebow’s strength is converting non-christians and 2 point conversions

Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles have offered up something of an explanation for the Tebow acquisition, and it falls solely on the underwear model’s ability to convert. Not just Jews and Muslims and Buddhists, but the almighty 2 point conversion that is poised to become a mandatory feature of the future NFL strategy.

There is also speculation that Hanes, the underwear company who has been trying to get Tebow to strip down to his spiritual spandex for years now, has had a hand in Goodell’s pocket recently. By lobbying for the enforcement of a mandatory two point conversion, it’s likely that Tebow’s career will rise from the proverbial dead and establish the “Tebow Two Point Conversion.” Additionally, fans across the nation will stay tuned into the games after touchdowns rather than flipping the channel and missing out on classic Hanes advertisements. It’s a win win for everybody.

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