Last Place Trophies

Gone are the times when winners reap all the attention and the spoils. Yes, it’s losers too that take the fame, and what better way to commemorate that fame than with a well-earned “Sacko” trophy for your last place finisher. Creativity is the key with these unique last place trophies, and so we recommend using our collection to brainstorm new and even better ideas that are sure to make your Sacko blush with guilt and fame.

As with our first place trophies list, these are all available online, many at a discounted price as well. So, as if you have the 7th overall pick in your fantasy draft, take your time, do your research and then make your pick. Hopefully it’s the last time you ever have to own this piece of precious hardware.



Best Last Place Trophies for “Sacko”


Fantasy Football License Plate Loser Trophy

The best way to give this trophy to your Sacko is to secretly install it on their car. If you’re lucky they’ll go days or weeks without noticing. And the best part is that when they do, they still can’t take it off as part of their league punishment for finishing last. This trophy (discount link) is simple and impactful…and hot pink.


 The Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble Last Place Fantasy Football Trophy

Photo Frame Last Place Fantasy Football Trophy

Sometimes the gods of glory give us a gift of unmatchable fortune. In the case of your Last Place Trophy, that gift is probably the Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble. Make this moment permanent in your league’s tradition by passing it year by year to your beloved Sacko. This photo frame (discount link) functions as a first place trophy too if you’d prefer to capture the brighter moments.


Fantasy Football for Dummies Trophy

Fantasy Football For Dummies Book

An all-time classic Sacko trophy, this book can be gifted (or earned depending how you look at it) with great sarcasm and joy. If you’re league champion, or even if you’re the 2nd to last place finisher, hand over this guidebook with a thoughtful tip: “…I hear Brett Favre is making a comeback, you should think about drafting him” or “I could’ve drafted JJ Watt and had more touchdowns than your WR’s.” The ideas are endless, and this trophy (discount link) is timeless.


Toilet Bowl Trophy

Fantasy Football Sacko Trophy

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of a toilet is worth ten billion. There is likely no better imagery for last place, shame or time wasted than the porcelain (or in this case, bronze) throne that your Sacko can spend their time on as they contemplate all their mistakes. Although we are aware of the hypocrisy, this beautiful trophy (discount link) may also serve as the first place trophy is some leagues, depending on your values.


Hello Kitty Fantasy Trophy

Add a little insult to injury this year by doling out a cheap, pink Hello Kitty trophy (discount link) that dons the words “WINNER!” across the front. We could list an infinite number of matching accessories to this trophy, but we’ll leave the creativity up to you.


Outhouse Bobblehead Trophy

Outhouse Fantasy Football Trophy

This is the second bathroom related last place trophy in our list, but in all honesty it is the best theme for your Sacko. This guy is an adorable 5.5 inches tall, relatively cheap (discount link) and universally understood. You can also request engraving from the manufacturer to eternalize your last place finishers over the years.

Loser Sash

Loser Sash Fantasy Football Trophy

Pink Sacko Sash
Discount Link


This is a great Sacko Trophy because it can be worn at all times. We suggest making it mandatory at least during next year’s draft, so that all team owners can constantly be reminded who ‘won’ last place the year prior. Better yet, you should make your beloved Sacko stand in front of everyone and answer a series of ‘Miss Fantasy Football’ questions such as “What is Eli Manning’s favorite flavor of otter pop?” or “How many draft picks will Chip Kelly trade for draft picks?”


Looking for something more than last place trophies? Be sure to check out the best draft board kits you’ll find online. All of them come with printed player cards, and each one has its own unique character for whatever type of league you’re in.


SackoSource Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with any products or companies described in our lists. We’re simply trying to aggregate a collection of fantasy football trophies, belts, rings and more so that our readers have readily available information at their fingertips. Proper analysis is critical to decision making, which is why we’ve compiled this guide of fantasy football trophies. As and when the universe of available trophies expands, we’ll update our lists.


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