NFL’s first female official “can’t wait to bitch out Tom Brady”

The NFL is making headlines today by announcing the first ever full-time female official. Sarah Thomas, who was also the first female to officiate an NCAA football game, has been in the business for 19 years and has proven her ability to be promoted to the upper tier of professional football.

“The recognition as the first full time female official is really important for obvious reasons,” Thomas proclaimed to our false reporters, “but what I’m really looking forward to is bitching out Tom Brady.”

It’s worthnoting that the first female to officiate an actual NFL game was Shannon Eastin when she worked as a replacement ref in 2012.

Thomas joins Violet Palmer and Dee Kantner as the first females to reach the highest level in their respective fields. When the NBA adopted an unbiased approach in 2006 with the hiring of Palmer and Kantner, it was met with concern from some players who were unsure the females could handle the verbal abuse that inevitably takes place. In the NFL, however, it’s the opposite, as Tom Brady has been wicked nervous at the prospect of performing in front of a woman.

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