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Raiders report Richardson has lost weight, now only marginally terrible

“You can really see some of his quickness” reported one of the team sources for the Oakland Raiders. “If you can look past the weight issues, the lack of motivation, and the indecisiveness, he’s a decent football player.”

The Alabama alum is one of many Sooner’s to under-perform in the NFL.

The NFL is the best reality TV show ever

NFL Reality TV

The list of scandals, investigations, crimes and cover-ups rivals Cops, Judge Judy and the Kardashians. America’s favorite game has managed to enter every realm of our lives, and we love it. The sport that only has 4-5 months of game play is aired on radio talk shows and ESPN channels 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, and yet we still can’t get enough. Why is that? Are we infatuated with the sport itself? The players? The men behind the players?

Truth is, we love it all. NFL players are modern gladiators, but unlike the ancient Romans, we can sit in the Coliseum from our work desks, or at the dinner table, or even on our own porcelain throne. We can bicker to our loyal social followings about the punishments cast down by Commissioner Commodus, and lust over the rising stardom of the next Maximus. The depth at which we can dissect these characters is unlimited because of our far-reaching media probes, and conversely, because these gladiators/players/actors/brands can choose to expose themselves to the nth degree. Nobody is to blame but us, and them. It’s everybody really.

All that being said, below is just a snippet of high profile stories organically emanating from our beloved reality series, the NFL.


Murder and Armed Assault

Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez currently faces two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of armed assault with intent to murder, and single counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm in relation to a July 2012 shooting.

Domestic Violence

Ray Rice is the pinnacle case here, but sadly there are hundreds more. What’s interesting and requires more analysis though is the fact that arrest rates in the NFL are actually lower than the national average for similarly aged men. Perhaps this is a result of statistical methodologies or the power of the celebrity.

Sexual Assault

Big Ben Roethlisberger has been charged twice (although never found guilty), but it’s happening all over the league.

Child Abuse

The most significant case was against Adrian Peterson, who is now posing as an advocate for the cause. But the ‘this is how I grew up’ excuse is slowly fading.

Animal Abuse

We know about Michael Vick, who evidently has turned his life around after a stint in jail. But there are more names to add to this list. Ex-Raven Terrence Cody and ex-Texan Dwight Jones have also committed acts of animal cruelty.

Bounties and Intent to Injure

The Saints are most known for this scandal, but the Eagles have been guilty too. The Commissioner laid down the law on the Saints organization, so we can only imagine teams have stopped doing this, or are much better at keeping it on the DL.


Michael Sam is the name that may eventually be forgotten, as he failed to make the cut on a number of professional teams, but as airwaves inundated their listeners with this issue it raised the question: why is this an issue?


It’s sadly part of the professional athlete culture, and so it only makes sense that we gobble up these headlines.


It’s been happening for decades, and there is no shortage of infractions or guilty pleas. In an era when injury recovery time is shortening and players popcorn muscles are popping, it can only raise suspicions.


It may not be performance enhancing, but it’s on the list of banned substances. From Ricky Williams to Le’Veon Bell, superstars from all eras have been penalized for use despite the NFL’s hazy logic surrounding the substance.

Inappropriate Texts

It’s not just our country’s elected leaders who send inappropriate and illegal pictures via text. Imagine how bad the younger generation will be when they’re old enough to play in the NFL. Snapchat better up their privacy agreement.

Cheating (*in football)

The Patriots have been charged with multiple cheating infractions over the years, with the recent Deflategate spurring a suspension and other penalties for the Patriots organization. It was only a few years prior they were charged with videotaping opposing team signals in Spygate. Note, the Broncos had their own issues with a Spygate scenario.


Five Seahawks players received suspensions after violating the ban on using Adderall. Richard Sherman was included, but avoided the suspension due to a technicality. Joe Haden of the Browns has also tested positive for Adderall.


So move over Jersey Shore, move over American Idol, move over Survivor. The longest lasting and most successful reality show is and always will be the NFL.

Running Back Rankings for Fantasy Football 2015

The right hand men of the almighty protected quarterback, running backs have morphed into a workhorse commodity. But that doesn’t stop them from occupying the majority of the top 10 in any fantasy draft. Use our running back rankings in conjunction with a bit of injury-free luck, and you be sure to get a great return on these players.

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Top Running Back Rankings for 2015 Fantasy Football 

1. Jamaal Charles

Cuz everyone else on the Chiefs sucks

Year after year this wheeling and dealing back suffers on the miserable Kansas City Chiefs. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that his offensive line loves him. And with a receiving corpse that couldn’t cut it in an intramural ultimate frisbee league, he’s poised to get the bulk of touches and be the primary scoring option. Not to mention his big play potential is as good as any.

2. Matt Forte

I’m your best player…remember?

Maybe it’s the apathetic look of Jay Cutler that creates so much frustration for Forte owners, but it seems he should be producing with the likes of Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson. The Bears seem to utilize their talent in the worst ways possible, but this year without Brandon Marshall, hopefully Forte will be rightfully given a larger piece of the pie.


3. Le’Veon Bell

Only Big Ben knows how to ‘get it in‘ better

Last year, Bell was likely a late 1st or 2nd round back who surpassed almost everyone’s expectations. This year, he’s no secret, and he would’ve been an easy #1 or #2,  but since he’ll be facing a 3 game suspension for smoking marijuana with a DUI on his record his value diminishes a tiny bit.  Hopefully this will serve as a source of determination for Bell, who last year got stronger as the season progressed whilst gaining the confidence of the Steeler organization.


4. Adrian Peterson

Finding Switches & Policy Glitches

At this point in time it’s an assumption, but we’re conducting this rank on the assumption that he’s available to play. The team he ends up on doesn’t quite matter, as the Vikings are historically miserable and so any other team is essentially more of an upside (significant upside if that team happens to be Dallas, who’s offensive line could get Rex Ryan a rushing title). Also recall that he’s had some serious injuries to overcome, but when healthy he’s an obvious top 10 pick.


5. Eddie Lacy

Better Late Than Never

Last year it took a long time for Eddie to start playing like a man. It must’ve been Aaron Rodgers spelling out R-U-N to the young bruiser, because after 10 games he had eclipsed the 90 yard rushing mark only once. In his final 8 games he did it 6 times and was ferocious as a screen pass receiver. Let’s hope Aaron busts out the child talk motivation earlier this season for Lacy owners.


6. Marshawn Lynch

I’m only playing so I can make millions

Every year we expect Beast Mode to slow down or be hampered by bruises and damages. After all, his last couple seasons have extended into the Super Bowl, and as one of the few remaining workhorse power backs, it seems like his numbers should start to fade. These expectations are probably the very thing that motivate Marshawn, and with the stinky hangover of last year’s botched goal line call in the Super Bowl, we shouldn’t doubt him anymore.


7. LeSean McCoy

Rex Ryan loves my ankle breakers

There’s no denying McCoy’s skills, but equally as impressive is Rex Ryan’s ability to squander offensive talent. The Bills have been able to generate a relatively productive ground game in the past with players like the perennially injured CJ Spiller and the never aging Fred Jackson. LeSean could see a major breakthrough season this year given the proper opportunities.


8. DeMarco Murray

Can the Cowboy o-line come with me?

After an extremely successful season behind one of the league’s fiercest offensive lines, Murray now finds himself behind a shaky line with an unpredictable coach and an unproven quarterback. Look for stable production, but nothing compared to last year when he led the league in rushing, nearly 500 more than second-highest Le’Veon Bell.


9. Jeremy Hill

Everything’s OK, Andy. Just gimme the ball

He started only half the games last year, but towards the second half of the season Jeremy Hill displayed a dominance that will secure him as the primary ball carrier this year. With fire-headed and fire-hose-armed Andy Dalton behind the wheel, the Bengals front office better wise up and give him the ball more. If it’s not a 56 yard hail mary to AJ Green, the ball should be in Jeremy’s hands.


10. CJ Anderson

Next in line for a disappointing Bronco injury

Not everyone’s so lucky to be the rushing benefactor of Peyton Manning’s offense. Fortunately Anderson has the skills and offensive line to make the most of the situation. Virtually non-existent through the first part of last season, Anderson looks to fill bigger shoes this year as the Broncos will aim to solidify their all around offense instead of relying on the preseason preparation of Peyton that seems to wear off as the season progresses and the postseason begins.


11. Alfred Morris

Not a superhero’s butler

The Redskins (or potentially the Bonercats) have repeatedly miscategorized their team as a QB-centric club. With RGIII, who has emotionally and mentally buckled, not to mention the physical buckling of his weak and re-built knees, Dan Snyder’s dysfunctional team needs to re-evaluate their strengths. Give Alfred the ball to avoid fumbles, interceptions and injuries. He needs more than one 100 yard game (as was the case in 2014).


12. Arian Foster

Spiritually Zen, Dietarily Vegan and Almost Physically Broken

As is the case most years, Arian Foster is a great back. Problem is, he doesn’t have the durability or the consistency in his team’s offensive production to warrant a higher pick than 11th or 12th. He could very well exceed expectations once more and generate yards and scores for the Texans, but relying on him as your #1 can be a  risky move.


13. Lamar Miller

The best performer in Miami since Dan Marino starred in Ace Ventura 

The upside to Miller is that he’s improved on a mediocre team for a few years now, the same way AP and Arian Foster did on their respective teams. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is expected to pick up his game a bit, which will only allow this talented back to see more holes and offensive touches.


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Rex Ryan and Percy Harvin excited to squander talent together

Offseason practices start today for some teams, including the Buffalo Bills and their renewed roster.

In a series of unquestioned moves, the questionable Bills raised questions about their team dynamics. They’ve added star running back and almost-injured LeSean McCoy, track standout and former Tim Tebow teammate Percy Harvin, and ‘best to coach to have a beer with’ and ‘worst coach to share nachos with’ Rex Ryan.

McFadden excited to eventually experience Dallas healthcare facilities

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys were happy to bring in Darren McFadden for just $200k guaranteed, but McFadden was excited for different reasons.  Dallas is host to an impressive array of healthcare facilities, and if the past is any indication, Darren will likely find himself crutching or wheelchairing around one of them before the season is done. His only hope for staying healthy (like he did last year in, of all places, Oakland) is if Jerry Jones can slap some sense into Adrian Peterson and make him leave Minnesota to then switch over to the disciplined Cowboys program.

Top Trades of the 2015 Offseason

There was no shortage of blockbuster trades this offseason. In what’s usually known as ‘is baseball really starting again?’ season, the NFL took the media headlines after a series of trades, drops and acquisitions. Below is a snapshot of what’s happened so far and why.

  1. Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks: Coach Pete Carroll announced ‘we need someone to counter-balance what Marshawn brings…we need a wimpy, whiny, red-headed red zone target that we can count on when we’re down 4 in the 4th quarter. It’s not rocket science, we want Jimmy.”
  2. Brandon Marshall to the Jets: If you combine this move with the Jet’s desire to deal for Johnny Manziel, there’s a good chance for success here.
  3. Bradford to be traded for Foles: Both coaches agree that the number 1 priority for acquiring a new sub-par quarterback is to consider their likeness to Napoleon Dynamite. A win-win for everyone here. Furthermore, Chip Kelly told our reporters that he’s also planning on burning his vinyl collection, divorcing his wife and drop-kicking his Shar-Pei before the season starts.
  4. Torrey Smith to the 49ers: Colin Kaepernick and team have been determined to squander another premier athlete’s talents in Silicon Valley. Welcome to the bay, Torrey.
  5. Colts acquire Frank Gore: The Indianapolis Colts will now rely on the sure-handed and hard-working Frank Gore instead of Trent Richardson. According to sources, Trent will be picked up by Indianapolis’ incumbent kickball municipal champions, Brews on First, in exchange for 6 pitchers of pregame PBR and an order of salted pretzels.
  6. Chiefs release Dwayne Bowe: This is a real shocker. $10.75 million is well worth the sticker price on this production machine. They’ll surely regret this next year.
  7. Bears fail to trade Jay Cutler for retired Dan Marino: Approached on the topic of this Bear’s loyalty, Jay dug into his jean pocket, struck a match across his pant leg and proceeded to smoke a cigarette for 8 minutes in front of the cameras, not saying a word. He ashed into Matt Forte’s cleats and then casually sauntered out of the locker room.