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Kaepernick confirms that Beats headphones do in fact drown out 49er boos

In a double blind study, Dr. Dre has successfully tested and affirmed the inclusive sound quality of his headphones, Beats by Dre by Apple. They do, in fact, cancel out the constant hum of 49er boos heard round San Francisco. Colin Kaepernick confirmed this amidst his latest video shoot for ab workouts.

Kaepernick excuses himself from photo shoot, throws late go-ahead TD to Stevie Johnson

Dynamic. Indefensible. Elite. Immature. All has been used to describe San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick, although 3 out of 4 terms were used by only Colin himself on his popular Instagram feed. But now he has the niners back in the conference mix with a tough win against the Chiefs. “I’m probably overrated, but you know what…? That’s your opinion and I could care less about it. I know I’m mediocre at best,” Kaepernick explained.