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Peyton picked last by Mustangs, Susie named starting QB instead

“We’re trying to win,and frankly Susie gives us a better chance” said Tommy Perkins, team captain of the Mustangs. “Peyton has a great resume on paper, but when we watched him throwing the ball with Susie during warmups, we knew he couldn’t hang for the full 6 minute quarter against the Slimy Artichokes.” But as Tommy explained to Peyton, it’s a long season. If current quarterback Susie ‘Spanky’ Wilson gets injured, or drinks too much milk for lunch and gets a tummy-ache,  Peyton should expect a call.

Eli lands perfect ‘can you feel me now’ prank on Peyton

Peyton has lost touch in his fingertips, and while NFL analysts are massaging eachother and pretending to be spinal surgeons, the younger Eli has been scheming behind the scenes for the perfect prank call. Kudos, Eli.