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Chargers preparing for another RB injury, talking to Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson

Discounting their legal disputes, the San Diego Chargers are talking to Peterson and Rice in anticipation of more significant injuries to their running backs. “It’s all about the numbers,” San Diego statistician Jason Branch remarked. “On paper, you can’t go wrong with these guys.”



NFL Video Hit of the Day: Ray Rice

Corporate juggernaut and justice-seeking entity TMZ has released the Ray Rice video that led to his eventual release from the Baltimore Ravens. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell chimed in: “I am happy to hear the Raven’s took this matter into their own hands. I am almost certain Ray Rice has smoked pot before, so kick him the hell out of this league.”

Ray Rice hits wife instead of blunt to avoid season long suspension

In order to stay active for 14 out of 16 games, Ray Rice decided to hit his wife instead of hitting the blunt. This behavior was reinforced by the league after enforcing a 2 game suspension on Rice, whereas fellow NFL star Josh Gordon will likely be out for all 16 games due to hitting a blunt instead of a woman.