Top 5 Fantasy Football Picks of 2012

For the top 5 fantasy football picks, check ESPN’s Fantasy Football Rankings for 2012. Their top 5 aligns with most other projections, with the exception of #5 which I delve into below.

Here are my top five picks:

1. Arian Foster is 1 overall in almost every projected draft. He had an injury prone year last year and still kept everyone licking their chops for 2012.

2. Expect Ray Rice to have another monstrous fantasy season. Heck, Ray Lewis endorses this little locomotive of a running back, so you know you’re gonna get results. And the Ravens never shy away from their tried and true, grind-it-out style. 

3. LeSean McCoy can easily be the best fantasy back this year. He may also be just mediocre. Reason? Last year the Eagles collapsed, and relied on McCoy almost every offensive snap. If Vick and his receivers can muster up some rhythm, McCoy may see the short end of the stick when it comes to carries and dump off passes.

4. Aaron Rodgers will be great once again. Despite acquiring Cedric Benson, their run game is almost non-existent.

5. This spot is a tricky one, and it may depend on the scoring system for your league. I disagree with ESPN’s pick of MoJo Drew, mainly because he continues to be the un-rewarded workhorse for a terrible team, a team that he is also bickering with over contract negotiations. I’d keep this spot for your preference of Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or if receivers carry value in your league, Calvin Johnson. Brees has something to prove without long-time coach and mentor Sean Payton, and Brady has a reloaded receiving core with the both youth and experience. Calvin is a little riskier in that he’s reliant on a young Stafford to continue to find ways to get him the ball, when every team in the league will likely double him. But then again, they tried that last year too.




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